USB Memory Brick Thumbdrives, How Cool!

Just about every geek out there spent his formative years building things with simple nubby plastic building bricks. They may later graduate to Erector sets, but then they branch out – carpentry, metal working, advanced nanorobotics using photolithography or positional diamondoid molecular manufacturing… but they almost always start with these venerable old bricks.

Recreate the Battle of Hoth!

We have a tiny problem with the “recreation” of the Battle of Hoth that the fine folks at LEGO did for this product box. Do you see the issue? NO SNOW! Sure, there’s like this bluish-whitish thing going on, but it’s not snow. What kind of Hoth doesn’t have snow? That’s like having LEGO Florida without palm… Read More →

Lego Cl!ck campaign: find your ispiration

This recent online video campaign by toy manufacturer Lego is an excellent example of a brand using online advertising to reach out to and connect with its customers. Lego defines a Click moment as “that little bolt of excitement that hits when the solution to a problem suddenly becomes clear”. With this online video campaign, the brand… Read More →