Recreate the Battle of Hoth!

We have a tiny problem with the “recreation” of the Battle of Hoth that the fine folks at LEGO did for this product box. Do you see the issue? NO SNOW! Sure, there’s like this bluish-whitish thing going on, but it’s not snow. What kind of Hoth doesn’t have snow? That’s like having LEGO Florida without palm trees, blue-haired grandmas, and the crew from a real crime TV show. Anyway, we’ve solved the problem for you since we happen to also carry┬áInstant Snow, which works anywhere you can find water. You will be the ONLY people able to truly recreate the Battle of Hoth. You’re welcome.

For the 10th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars, Imperial forces are invading the Rebels’ secret base on the ice planet Hoth! (We hope they at least brought cupcakes.) Han Solo in his smashing winter ensemble leaves for a mission on his tauntaun, and snowtroopers attack the base with their heavy repeating blaster. Can the Rebel Alliance troopers beat them back with their missile-firing defense turret? How many figures will be flung from the trenches during the battle? That’s up to you!

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