USB Memory Brick Thumbdrives, How Cool!

Just about every geek out there spent his formative years building things with simple nubby plastic building bricks. They may later graduate to Erector sets, but then they branch out – carpentry, metal working, advanced nanorobotics using photolithography or positional diamondoid molecular manufacturing… but they almost always start with these venerable old bricks.

Even so-called grown-ups, though, never give up on their love of these little blocks. Something about the bright primary colors, or the satisfying snap they give when piecing them together. You can build almost anything with a complete set of bricks, but now we’ve extended their capabilities beyond just building cool yet blocky robots, cars, planes and houses.

USB Memory Brick Thumbdrives

Now, with these USB Memory Brick Thumbdrives, we’ve taken a regular brick and inserted a 4 Gigabyte piece of USB flash memory. Now you can store millions of pages of text, thousands of images, hundreds of songs, or 10 hours of movies. Then, when you’re done with your file storage, build it into your robot, and watch as he stomps Tokyo! Rrraaarrrr!!! Ok, maybe not so much with the Tokyo stompage, but still! How cool!

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