Vokswagen Bik.e : Minimalist Electro-Micro Mobility

The Volkswagen bik.e electric-driven micro mobility concept was unveiled at the Chinese auto show as part of the company’s electro-mobility program. Unfortunately, apart from these images, VW did not release any details regarding the Volkswagen bik.e concept. The Volkswagen bik.e seems to be small bike powered by an electric motor which is developed for urban use. We’re not… Read More →

PUMA to Become a Carbon Neutral Company in 2010

Sportlifestyle Company to offset CO2 Footprint of World Cup Teams’ Travels to and in South Africa Seoul, Korea/ Herzogenaurach, Germany, 22 April 2010 -Sportlifestyle company PUMA will completely offset its own global CO2 emissions to become the first carbon neutral company within the sportlifestyle industry, PUMA announced on Thursday at ‘The Business for the Environment Summit’ (B4E) in… Read More →

O3 : The Product You Don’t Want To Have!

O3, a personal survival oxygen unit,  is designed to grow awareness of the potential natural disaster and the current environmental situation among mass people. The concept aims to provide sustainable oxygen support to mankind if a situation comes when artificial production and distribution of oxygen becomes a must to live in the massively polluted environment.

Nuovo look per la TV di FASTWEB

Si rinnova l’Electronic Program Guide della IPTV di FASTWEB e partono nuovi servizi web fruibili sul televisore FASTWEB rinnova l’interfaccia grafica e le modalità di interazione della TV di FASTWEB, la TV via cavo che consente di trasportare il segnale televisivo utilizzando Internet a banda larga. Grazie alla nuova interfaccia è sempre più semplice ed intuitivo navigare… Read More →

Caos nei cieli : ecco i diritti e doveri dei passeggeri rimasti a terra

Come gestire l’emergenza creata nel trasporto aereo dal blocco aereo dovuto alla nube di cenere vulcanica che sta passando sull’Italia a causa dell’eruzione del Vulcano Eyjafjöll. A chiarire diritti e doveri del vari soggetti coinvolti è Assotravel, aderente a Confindustria, che in una nota spiega che al momento le previsioni “parlano di un possibile ritorno alla normalità… Read More →

JuiceBar Portable Solar Charger

Despite it’s name, the JuiceBar is not the newest health drink franchise trend sweeping across the country. And it’s not a fruit-infused snackbar loaded with a full months supply of vitamin C. Instead, this JuiceBar is full of electronic gadget juice, also known as extra battery power – and it’s our favorite flavor.