Lego Cl!ck campaign: find your ispiration

This recent online video campaign by toy manufacturer Lego is an excellent example of a brand using online advertising to reach out to and connect with its customers.

Lego defines a Click moment as “that little bolt of excitement that hits when the solution to a problem suddenly becomes clear”. With this online video campaign, the brand is now announcing the launch of a programme to celebrate and foster these Click moments. The hub of the programme is a website that works as a virtual canvas of ideas, inspired moments, quirky stories, solutions and tips from serial Clickers designed to celebrate and inspire Click moments of all types. In addition, Lego releases its first official Lego iPhone application, allowing users to convert their favourite imagines into Lego style. Facebook and Twitter are also heavily involved in the campaign.

The website provides users with a platform to exchange ideas and spend time with the brand. The combination of different communication channels creates targeted and engaging environment for brand communication. It is an excellent way of communicating with the more mature segment of Lego‘s target audience, emphasising art and creativity. Users can browse posts, videos, photos, tweets and more and add their own input to the site. They can join the conversation in the blog section of the website. The video has been watched by more than 830,000 people and it has spread to more than 262 blogs.