O3 : The Product You Don’t Want To Have!

O3, a personal survival oxygen unit,  is designed to grow awareness of the potential natural disaster and the current environmental situation among mass people. The concept aims to provide sustainable oxygen support to mankind if a situation comes when artificial production and distribution of oxygen becomes a must to live in the massively polluted environment.

Being a personal oxygen production unit, this gadget includes compressed oxygen refill units which is exchangeable through local oxygen supplier and contains an individual easy-to-carry mouthpiece. The refill unit incorporates a flexible and washable membrane that can be adjusted according to the user’s lips and controlling the oxygen flow is done by twisting the refill unit. Even though the product is very much innovative and functional, no one would like to have this due to the extreme environmental situation it has been designed for.

Designer : DesignAffairs STUDIO

Source: tuvie.com