Discover what's on near you

Our new search allows you to choose What you like, Where you like, and When you like! We have provided prompts and suggestions just in case you need a little inspiration. Never used woZZon before? No worries! We have added a “Get Started” tool to help you along the way.

It’s easy to find WHAT you want WHEN you want!

Our new calendar function makes it even easier for you to find what’s on when.

woZZon will soon be available in your pocket!

We are proud to announce that woZZon has been announced the 2009 Grand prize winner and winner of the social location category in Nokia’s “Calling All Innovators” UK competition!
We haven’t forgot about iPhone or Android users either, we have done a complete overhaul of our iPhone app improved and added some great functions, also look out for our shiny new Android app, all to be released in the
New Year.