iPhone XStand

Stands above the rest

If you’re an Apple fanbot (like so many of us are), you probably have a Mac desktop, a Macbook, and an iPhone, or at least two out of the three. Are we right? Of course we’re right. But while your computers are all sleek and shiny aluminum, your poor iPhone is just flat on your desk, looking sad and dejected. Or it’s in some cheapo holder that just doesn’t match the stylistic excellence of the rest of your desk.

Your iPhone deserves better, which is why it deserves an Xtand. The Xstand is extremely solid aluminum construction, so it’ll blend in perfectly with your shiny aluminum Macbook. Nestle your iPhone between the soft rubbery feet and take it for a spin – literally. The Xtand rotates 360 degrees so you’ll always have the perfect angle to view your apps. It provides access to all of iPhone‘s features while helping control cable clutter. Plug in your USB cable for charging and synchronization while your phone is held safely in Xtand’s arms. Using anything less is an insult to The One Device that rules them all.

Product Specifications

  • iPhone stand made of extremely solid aluminum
  • Looks smooth and sleek like your Mac products should
  • 360 degrees rotation for viewing at any angle
  • Cable management keeps your desk neat(er)
  • Non-slip feet to prevent that idiot coworker of yours from knocking it off your desk
  • Super-easy assembly, no tools required
  • Box contains extra grippy feet
  • Dimensions: 6″ x 4.25″ x 4″
  • Weight: 10 oz

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