Boom in Requests to Enter the Mille Miglia 2010

The “world’s greatest road race” is ever more international. Over 1400entry registrations from Europe, Asia, North and South America, and even Africa.
After its acclaimed Christmas Gala with Salvatore Accardo, the Mille Miglia now has another success in hand: a great increase in registration for the 2010 regularity race.

Brescia, December 23, 2009 – Over 1400 classic cars applied to
enter the Mille Miglia 2010. “We are very satisfied with the increase
in registration over the last two years.” Alessandro Casali,
President of the Mille Miglia Organizing Committee, commented on
the results on the eve of the entry deadline.
The Mille Miglia was also the star of the tremendously
successful Christmas Gala which took place last Friday at
the Teatro Grande in Brescia, where the maestro
Salvatore Accardo gave the traditional concert in its
Italian Minister for Tourism, Michela Brambilla, took
part in the evening as the government’s delegate to the
Mille Miglia. “This race belongs to the Automobile Club of
Brescia,” she explained, “and since my ministry has
jurisdiction over all the Automobile Clubs of Italy, I
inevitably become the delegate to the world famous
race. Speaking metaphorically, it belongs to me. The
Mille Miglia is a long voyage across and through Italy. It
is the dream that foreigners share, to, once in their life,
experience Italy. What better for the Made in Italy theme
than to have the Mille Miglia as its ambassador?”
Going back to registration, Sandro Binelli, the Secretary General
of the Organizing Committee, explains, “The ‘quality’ of the cars
which will participate in the 2010 Mille Miglia is absolutely
extraordinary. We are very happy to see that our appeal to
collectors to compete in some different models was totally
accepted. We managed this year to increase the variety of car
models which had competed in the historic Mille Miglia, and even
increased the number of actual cars who physically participated in
the Mille Miglia races of the past.”
Alessandro Casali added, “Starting from this year’s fantastic lineup,
our goal is to see each new Mille Miglia surpass the previous