You are never too Ugly to Model!

At the London-based modeling agency “Ugly Models,” there is absolutely no room for traditional beauty. UGLY Model Agency is the first and still the best character model agency in the world. Ugly enterprises were started in 1969 by two photographers who recognized a gap in the modeling market for “interesting” faces. They created a niche for itself in supplying advertisers with faces that are not traditionally beautiful to front their campaigns. Ugly specializes in individuals, and with over 900 models on their books ranging from 18-100 years old, sizes 6-30 and their Wee Folk (4’1) to The Giant (7’6). They can fulfill any requirement, as no job is too big, outrageous or bizarre for Ugly model agency. As a result Ugly model agency has built up a large client base like Calvin Klein and Levi’s over its 35years . This proves that ugly is really quite beautiful.

In few words we can say that they perfectly knew how to flip the meaning of “marketable”!

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