There's more than one way to defeat the Cube

Let’s face it, there are geeks out there who can’t defeat the Rubik’s Cube. We’ve been trying ever since the early 80s and still end up throwing the cube across the room in frustration. We get laughed at by our friends who have no problem solving a puzzle with 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 permutations. We sigh when we look at the videos of Rubik’s Cube world champions as they flip and twist the cube so fast it becomes a blur. 7.08 seconds? Seriously? It takes us 7.08 seconds just to decide what end to twist first. In honor of the puzzle that melts our minds, this shirt that turns the tables and melts the Rubik’s Cube into a lovely and colorful puddle. There’s more than one way to defeat the Cube, and we think this one sends a pretty strong message to puzzles everywhere.

This is an authentic Glennz t-shirt, full of New Zealand-y goodness. Printed on a black, 100% fine jersey cotton babydoll (fitted) t-shirt, this design features a melting Rubik’s Cube.

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