Carol Christian Poell Object Dyed Lace Ups

Carol Christian Poell Object Dyed Lace Ups

These Kangaroo lace ups shoes are very limited and each pair is nubered making clear the n°of pair out of n° total.

Details – Technical Data

Material: Kangaroo Leather
Sole: Cow Leather
Lining: 100% Calf Chromefree
Tanning: White
Manufacture: Handicrafted with undyed materials
Dyeing: In tanning barrels (after manufacturing the shoes)
Drying: On Volume, slow by means of hot air
Hand Polishing

Designer Notes – Charateristics

Presence of stains and/or black marks due to the dyeing process.
Presence of irregularities on the surface or on the colour due to the peculiarity of each single skin.
Possibility that initially the colour will fade or stain
Absolute uniqueness of the form and lack of precision of the size of each single shoe, due to the particular manufacturing process

Editors note:

This lace ups belong to the poetic walker. Each pair