JuiceBar Portable Solar Charger

Despite it’s name, the JuiceBar is not the newest health drink franchise trend sweeping across the country. And it’s not a fruit-infused snackbar loaded with a full months supply of vitamin C. Instead, this JuiceBar is full of electronic gadget juice, also known as extra battery power – and it’s our favorite flavor.

This sleek re-chargeable battery pack stores enough power to charge most handheld electronics and can charge a typical cell phone several times. The JuiceBar’s internal Li-ion battery can be re-charged via USB connection or via the built-in solar panel. This arrangement gives you maximum flexibility while traveling or computing.

Included with the JuiceBar are connectors for nearly all popular mobile phones (in the picture : iPhone) and portable electronic gadgets. There is also a handy LED indicator in the JuiceBar to show you when it’s charging its internal battery and a small pouch for storing all the connectors.

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