The "heart" of the Pirelli Foundation

The “heart” of the Pirelli Foundation is the Historic Archives, a collection of images, documents and design items from the 138 years of industrial history of the Pirelli Group.

The Archives are enriched by the private papers of Alberto Pirelli, son of the company’s founder, and Leopoldo Pirelli, with documents relating to important events from Italian and international business history, such as the negotiations on the reform of the by-laws of Italian industry association Confindustria.

Among the works exhibited are the painting “La ricerca scientifica” (Scientific Research) by Renato Guttuso and the related mosaic created for Pirelli in 1961; “Meo the Cat” by Bruno Munari; the first Pirelli Calendar from 1964 and a series of industrial design highlights.

The Historic Archives also contain illustrations by Bob Noorda, Alberto Manzi and the entire collection of the Pirelli magazine with articles by Montale, Moravia, Saba, Gadda and Eco. Read More about Pirelli Foundation