Peggy by Matt Bilfield: hand cut, sanded, and painted dowels paint Roy Lichtenstein’s m-maybe

“In the framework of the television graphics that I create, I noticed that it was always the image that constantly changes as the viewer watches, inactively.  When it comes to art, my inclination drives me toward creating pieces where the vantage point dictates the image, in turn activating the viewer. Where the television screen has the plastic framework as its boundary, I wanted to extend that boundary to the dimensions of the room itself. My idea was that everyone seeing the art gets to have his or her own unique perspective. I imagined a more active art medium without guidelines and boundaries.  Soon I conceived of the platform in which to realize my ultimate union of both graphics and fine art.” (Matt Bilfield)

“Peggy was meticulously constructed over the course of five months. It is comprised of 2788 hand cut, sanded, and painted dowels that when put together form a modern interpretation of a painting by artist Roy Lichtenstein entitled, “m-maybe.” It measures seven feet wide by three feet tall. The result is a cross between a graphic art image, sculpture, and installation which offers the viewer a different experience from every angle.”

Source: mattbilfield [Via thecoolhunter]