Hawaiian Jewelry Manufacturer Introduces Its New Hawaiian Quilt Design Jewelry Line

Hawaiian jewelry manufacturer introduces its new Hawaiian quilt jewelry line using Hawaiian quilt designs originating in 1800’s Hawaii.

April 13, 2010 (FPRC) — Hawaiian jewelry manufacturer and online retailer, Designs N Gold, introduced today their new Hawaiian quilt jewelry line using Hawaiian quilt designs created by Hawaiian women in the 1800’s. These new Hawaiian quilt jewelry designs are available in sterling silver and gold. The line includes bracelets, rings and pendants.

For Generations the women of Hawaii hand quilted patterns made of tropical plants and island flowers, arranged into a pattern which is usually quilted on fabric. Before the first contact with the white man (haole), the Hawaiians were making a type of Quilt called a Kapa, which was made of fabric pounded from the bark of the Wauke (paper bark or mulberry) tree. While having one of their “sewing bees” in the shade of the Breadfruit tree, the shadow cast by the tree inspired the Hawaiians to create the first “Hawaiian Quilt” by cutting out the design seen in the shadow, from one large piece of fabric. The Hawaiians blended the traditions of their past with these new lessons to develop the unique style of cutting the design from a single piece of fabric. The pattern was then appliqued onto another fabric to create the quilt top. The quilting was stitched “echo style” following the contour of the design throughout the quilt, like ripples on the water which surrounded the islands. The Hawaiians found inspiration for their designs in the beautiful garden islands where they lived.

“We are very honored and proud to be able to capture this wonderful Hawaiian tradition and these beautiful Hawaiian quilt designs in pieces of jewelry that people can be proud to wear” commented Colette Aoki, jewelry designer and owner of Designs ‘N Gold.

These new Hawaiian quilt jewelry designs are available at http://www.designsngold.com/hawaiianquilt.htm

About Designs N Gold – The owner of Designs N Gold, Colette Aoki, has been in the jewelry business in Hawaii since 1976. Over that period she has designed jewelry for thousands of clients in Hawaii as well as worldwide. In 1985 she acquired the jewelry manufacturer, Designs N Gold, which gave her the ability to control the entire jewelry making process from design to finished product. Designs N Gold’s expert jewelers and engravers create each piece of Hawaiian jewelry including pendants, earrings, bracelets, and wedding rings.