The Notte Bianca of the Mille Miglia

The Notte Bianca of the Mille Miglia, was a great success. The sun never set on Brescia as it celebrated the up-coming 2010 version of the world’s greatest road race. The streets of the city filled with thousands of Brescians and visitors from the borders of the province and neighboring regions, to take part in one of the most anxiously awaited events of the season.

The hub of the evening was, as usual, Piazza della Loggia, where Noemi, the young Italian singer of Sanremo Festival fame, gave a concert. From Piazzale Arnaldo to the museum, Museo Santa Giulia, the whole historic city center of Brescia was literally invaded by the hordes who came to celebrate all night. Enthusiasm was evident even in the piazzas at the edge of the old city, animated by music and shows of all types.

“In a moment like this, it is a joy to be Brescian.” commented Adriano Paroli, the Mayor of Brescia as he climbed onto the stage with the two Brescian twins, Laura and Silvia Squizzato, sent by the national television station, RaiDue, and godmothers to the Notte Bianca. Alessandro Casali and Paolo Binelli represented the race, being respectively the President and the Vice-president of the Organizing Committee of the Mille Miglia, who along with the Brescian local Authorities promoted the event.

“The Notte Bianca has entered the hearts of Brescians,” declared Alessandro Casali, “just like the Mille Miglia. This year we outdid ourselves. Thanks to the support of so many stars, we doubled the number of performances compared to last year.”

Initiatives like the Notte Bianca, the Carta Sconti (the special discounts card) and the Concorso Vetrine, for the night’s most beautiful shop window, are all tied to Territorial Mille Miglia Marketing, and take place thanks to the collaboration of: the City of Brescia, the Province of Brescia, the Region of Lombardy, Brescia Mobilità, Fondazione Asm, Bresciatourism, the Chamber of Commerce of Brescia, the Business Association of the Province of Brescia, Confesercenti, and Brescia Centro.

Thanks for their support also go to Eni and Grana Padano.

The Notte Bianca of the Mille Miglia took place with the collaboration of Radio Voce Fm 88,3 – 88,5. On Radio Voce it was possible to follow the main events of the Notte Bianca live.