But not an Afghan Woman

I would love to be anything in this world
but not a woman
I could be a parrot
I could be a female sheep
I could be a deer or
a sparrow living in a tree
But not an Afghan woman.

I could be a Turkish lady
With a kind brother to take my hand
I could be Tajik
or I could be Iranian
or I could be an Arab
With a husband to tell me
I am beautiful
But I am Afghan woman.

When there is need
I stand beside it
When there is risk
I stand in front
When there is sorrow
I grab it
When there are rights
I stand behind them
Might is right and
I am a woman
Always alone
Always an example of weakness
My shoulders are heavy
with the weight of pains.

When I want to talk
My tongue is blamed
My voice causes pain
Crazy ears can’t tolerate me
My hands are useless
I can’t do anything with
My foolish legs
I walk with
No destination.

Until what time must I accept to suffer?
When will nature announce my release?
Where is Justice’s house?
Who wrote my destiny?
Tell him
Tell him
Tell him
I would love to be anything in nature
But not a woman
Not an Afghan woman.

Written By Roya

Source: http://awwproject.org