E' disponibile il nuovo Titan Poker 9.6

Titan Poker lancia la nuova versione 9.6 del proprio software di gioco con tante interessanti novità… La versione 9.6 del software di Titan Poker è ufficialmente partita. Il nuovo Titan Poker è stato aggiornato completamente e propone anche un rimodernamento del sito e del logo, insieme a nuove emozionanti caratteristiche che ti porteranno ad un’elevata esperienza di… Read More →

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball '10 Named Official Online Fantasy Game for MLB.com

Co-Branded Fantasy Baseball Game Offers Fans In-Game Video Highlights, Live Stats, News, Analysis, Tools, and Live Online Auction Draft SUNNYVALE, Calif., Mar 08, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — As Spring Training heats up, Yahoo! (Nasdaq: YHOO), the online partner of choice for major media companies, and MLB Advanced Media, the interactive media and Internet company of Major League… Read More →

Love it or loathe it, Heavy Rain is the game everyone's talking about.

Two years ago it was Mirror’s Edge. EA’s first-person chase game toyed with convention, tackled assumptions about user interfaces, and tested the way most magazines and websites approach the reviewing process, their regimented lists of criteria proving too dogmatic to truly reward it. So far, however, the response to Heavy Rain, the grimly atmospheric interactive drama from… Read More →

Sony Guerrilla Marketing: "Heavy Rain" Washes Away Amsterdam Landmark

Everybody that lives in Amsterdam recognizes the human sized letters that spell ‘I Amsterdam’. So when the A and the M disappeared this week, people noticed that something was missing. Amsterdam Partners (AP) – the agency that exploits the city slogan – reported the letters as stolen. AP even stated they encountered the missing letters on Marktplaats… Read More →