Lego Cl!ck campaign: find your ispiration

This recent online video campaign by toy manufacturer Lego is an excellent example of a brand using online advertising to reach out to and connect with its customers. Lego defines a Click moment as “that little bolt of excitement that hits when the solution to a problem suddenly becomes clear”. With this online video campaign, the brand… Read More →

Still with us? Lo scherzo di Heineken ai milanisti

Still with us? Heineken continua a far parlare di sé con una nuova idea di Guerrilla marketing con un fenomeno destinato a colpire un pubblico su larga scala. Il 21 Ottobre, in occasione di Real Madrid-Milan, Heineken (sponsor della UEFA Champions League) ha organizzato un apprezzato scherzo a numerosi tifosi del Milan che si sono visti costretti, dall’amico, fidanzata, direttore di lavoro,… Read More →

Auping funny advert

Auping introduces ventilating pillows and duvets. The commercial for Auping, made by Selmore, very clearly communicates this message. We especially like the music that adds so much to the cinematograpic quality of it. Interesting is that the commercial is distributed through internet only. A relative cheap way of course to buy media attention. That is, if it has… Read More →