Alkaline Trio performed their new album song on David Letterman show

Alkaline Trio, the American punk rock band, performed “This Addiction” on the Late Show with David Letterman on 10/03/10.

“It is the first song on the record and the title of our new album,” said vocalist Matt Skiba. “The song takes heroin addiction as a metaphor for love. The whole record is really personal, all three of us have been through quite a bit since our last album [2008’s Agony & Irony] and it is all expressed through this, all the songs are about the relationships we’ve been in and so the record has a constant theme.”

ALKALINE TRIO [This Addiction]
01. This Addiction
02. Dine, Dine My Darling
03. Lead Poisoning
04. Dead On The Floor
05. The American Scream
06. Off The Map
07. Draculina
08. Eating Me Alive
09. Piss And Vinegar
10. Dorothy
11. Fine