Budget Air uses passengers to spread the word

This t-shirt says “Haha, I am flying for 51 Euro to Barcelona”. And on the back: “And back again”. As you might know by now, we love uncomplicated advertising that communicates a clear message. And that is exactly what this guerilla campaign by New Message does. Budget Air simply distributed these t-shirts among  its customers and they did the rest when wearing it on their flight. The brand thus uses its brand ambassadors to spread the word (offline!). Very smart. We do wonder however, how many tourists will actually wear a t-shirt like this. It is not something that makes your fellow passengers smile at you – especially the ones that start with: “you fools!”. But, then again, the kind of folk that loves to go for the cheap kill, just might be happy to gloat over it in public. New Message lives up to its name again; not your standard advertising.

Source: amsterdamadblog.com