A Secret Forest Dwelling in the Heart of Singapore

Here’s the house to answer that real need for city dwellers. The owner wanted this house, in the heart of Singapore, to feel just like living in a forest. It certainly looks subversive; growing right up between two more traditional buildings… but what a different layout too. Look at the ground floor. That is the kitchen, right there.

Shockingly subversive, this home appears to put the kitchen in full view of the street. Perhaps a gate slides across the front. Or could this be facing a back terrace?

Greenery breathes out all its calming oxygen over sitters inside the sitting room behind the kitchen, who would almost feel as if they are within an illicit forest in the city. There is something subversive feeling about this secret forest staking out and taking back a city street.

By the time the three story high green wall gets up to the third floor, it is on the outside. The entire wall is just outside, behind the bed, through an enormous glass window with just a two foot deep view!

Because it is a smaller room the bedroom is sited within glass, with the green wall outside. There is a door to the outside at the end of the room, to the pebble garden that collects the rainwater that drenches the indoor forest below.

And on the other side of the green wall where the bedroom is, you are on a terrace – surrounded by the lush greenery that Singapore can grow, if left to itself. A very green house. If every house in every city was as green, that would cool our cities and refresh our planet. And that would not be subversive at all.

Source: Chang Architects
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